Tire Education

Abnormal Tire Wear Signs And Causes

Every day tires are used on all types of surfaces and tire wear can be caused when you do car starting, accelerating, cornering and braking, etc. However, many abnormal tread wear may occur for a variety of reasons.

Here's how to recognize the irregular wear, how to tell where it's coming from.


1. Center Rib

If the tires are worn more in the center, this is usually due to overinflation. Make sure your tire pressure is set to the manufacturer's recommended pressure rather than the pressure embossed on the tire's sidewall.


2.Both Shoulders

If the tire is worn fast on both shoulders, the cause is underinflation, overload or too many harsh cornering.


3. One Shoulder

If only one of the shoulders is excessively worn, the cause is usually alignment, specifically incorrect camber. The tire is tilted to one side or the other and putting too much pressure on the shoulder.


4. Scalloping/Feathering

Scalloping, which some techs call feathering, occurs when the tire wears down at an angle. This angled wear leads to one side of the tire rib being worn smoother than the other. Often, this situation is caused by uneven tire alignment or an underlying suspension problem. If caught early, fixing the underlying issue often corrects the feathering.


5. Polygonal Wear

The tire wears out in a polygonal manner, which is sometimes only noticeable on the shoulders of the tread Reasons: Tires and wheels are off-center or not balanced; rims and spindles are off-center or not balanced; bearings and middle steering shafts are loose; rolling parts are unbalanced; insufficient air pressure.